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Elements is something of a black sheep in the Adobe stable.

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Finding a justification to upgrade for those who own a recent edition of Elements, however, is a tougher challenge. The majority of the fresh features come in the form of Guided Edits, where Elements takes you step-by-step through procedures that add effects such as motion blur, removing scratches and blemishes, or popping a colour in a black and white image.

Arguably, the most impressive of these is the "multi-photo text" process.

Here you select a background image, add some large text over the top of it, and then fill each of the letters with a different photo. As with all of the Guided Edits, Elements makes this process practically foolproof, but it only gets you halfway there. For example, there are no instructions on how to move the photos within the frame of the letters, leading to awkward crops like the chopped-off face in the first O of our test image.

On the, ahem, flip side, that mistake vastly improved the quality of the overall image. These are the type of memes that were popular circa , with the photo in the middle and bold text above and below the image.

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What are they planning for next year: MySpace support? But the social networks you can share with are restricted to Flickr and Twitter. Not supporting Instagram, at the very least, is utterly baffling.

Aside from Guided Edits, other new features are desperately thin on the ground. Elements finds itself trapped in an awkward middle ground. If you want the high-end features, such as layer-based editing, the ability to wipe errant objects out of photos or to add gradients to boring skies, then Affinity Photo is perfectly capable and much cheaper, both on desktop and tablet. The link for support on the App Store only allows you to post on the User Forums and hope someone decides to comment.

After purchasing and installing Photoshop Elements 19 on a new Mac, I got the following error when trying to save for web. Could not complete this operation. An unknown error has occured. We are really sorry to hear that you are facing issues with Photoshop Elements We want to identify cause of the issue and love to work with you if you are willing. If you are, please contact us at grp-elementssupport adobe.


Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 Review: Minor Improvements to a Great Photo Editor

Thanks, Adobe Support. And generally I have been happy with this product line. There are some great new features in PSE but it has a lot of issues. They have re-designed several features and they are very buggy or missing critical options. The app has crashed several times for me I have plenty of memory on my MAC.

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Also, the photo collage feature no longer allows you to size it for your project - making it useless for printing but ok for web posting. I would wait this version out for awhile - Adobe missed the mark they have serious defects in this release. I will be searching for other products since I dont have the time to wait for the fixes. Thanks for reporting the issue. A new update of Photoshop Elements is available which should solve this issue.

In case it doesn't, request you to please confirm your Mac OS version and share the steps where you see the beach ball. Please review your ratings of the app if you are satisfied. Reach out to us at Grp-ElementsSupport adobe. There are still some issues most notably the splash screen makes it nearly impossible to just open a photo for a quick enhancement but overall, Adobe has done yeoman work to bring Photoshop to the masses. Thanks for your review. We are really sorry to hear that you are facing issue with Photoshop Elements We would like to understand more on your requirement.

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Please contact us at grp-elementssupport adobe. Mac App Store Preview.

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